Christmas Doubles Tournament is our annual event, which raises money for the Toys for Tots and 2 local Food Pantries. It is 2 quick rounds with a short break, followed by a complementary lasagna dinner. All we ask is that you bring cash donations(and/or food) for the 2 charities.

We have discovered that cash donations work best for the food pantries because when they purchase food items They get between $6 and $12 worth of food for every dollar, depending on what they purchase!


Pro, AM1, and AM2 have different groups of men women, masters, grandmasters, and mixed as longas there are people who wish to play in them.

                                 Entry Fee   Payout           Options     Fee

Pro                             $30             $25                CTP          $2

Advanced/AM1          $20             $15                Ace Pot     $5

Amateur/AM2            $15              $10

Rec                             $15              $10

We do not accept credit cards for tournaments.