The Woodland Valley Players League (WVPL) is comprised of a Tri-annual season of fun, competitive disc golf rounds that cater to the players of all skill levels in the area. This season the (WVPL) will be made up of a 12 week regular season on the Grizzly and culminate in a championship (Finals) event. Players will accumulate points based on their finish during each week of the regular season in the hopes of playing enough weeks to qualify for the finals and securing a share of the season payout. As this league continues to grow, we will continue to find innovative ways to make each season better than the last.

The WVPL is a presentation of Woodland Valley Disc Golf. This document outlines the principles governing the League. Membership is open to any and all individuals in agreement with the purposes of this association. Those participating must sign the addendum and agree to all rules on their first week of participation. There will be 3 league throughout the year. Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall, and Winter.

league Officers

Justin Perry

Dan Stefanilo

League Weekly Fees (Mandatory)

$5 green fees
$5 finals
$2 ace pot
$1 Hot Round of the Week (Replaces $1 CTP)
$1 handicap bonus based on AVG.
$1 To end of the year (Finals) food and drinks
$0 CTP - They remain as part of league, but are worth 10 points and no money.
This money ($15) needs to be paid in cash to Woodland Valley. If you choose to not pay for any portion of the full amount your round doesn't count. It’s a MANDATORY $15 each week you play.

League Details

  • This league will have a 12 week long regular season from Friday July 21, to Monday October
  • 9th.
  • Finals will be held on the 13th Sunday of the season. This season will be October 15th at
  • 8:00AM.
  • Players will need to make 8 of the 12 weeks to qualify for finals.
  • Players can play their league round anytime Friday through Monday.
  • Players need to sign in on the sheet and post score after their round. If WV closes before the completion of your round send a message to Dan Stefanilo and Linda Burnham so your score can be recorded.
  • To qualify that week for ACE, CTP, HOT ROUND, and BONUS you MUST have a league witness who plays league with you. (They don't need to be playing their league round) They still need to be in contention for finals. Once they mathematically can’t make finals, they no longer qualify as a league player. This person can be from the women’s league and vise versa.
  • League rounds CAN be played during other Woodland Valley Single Tournaments and Events.
  • CTP’s for the Grizzly will be 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,18 (1,13,16,17 eliminated)
  • CTP by week will be as follows 2/9, 3/10, 4/11, 5/12, 6/14, 7/15, 8/18, 2/9, 3/10, 4/11, 5/12,
  • 6/14.
  • There will be a league meeting on the day of Finals at 7:30AM for anyone who wants to bring up rule changes for the following league. Speak then or forever hold your peace…or at least until the next finals meeting. Any members of the League have the right to state opinions and ideas for betterment of the league. These topics will then be voted on via Facebook Poll before the start of the next league.
  • Finals will be single elimination match play.
  • Finals match ups will be played via handicaps.
  • Player with a better handicap will get one stroke for every 2 holes they are worse in average for up to four holes.
  • Handicapped holes are as follows for the Grizz during the Summer/Fall of 2017 (1,13,17,8)
  • Higher seed is on top of the card.
  • A bracket for finals will be made of only players that are attending finals. No player will receive a free pass to the next round based on someone not showing up.

Player Divisions

No player divisions.

LeaGUE Weekly Bonus

  • All players will be assigned an average based on their last ten rounds of play on the course were using for the season (This season the Grizzly)
  • Averages will be updated weekly. They remain based upon your last 10 rounds (or league rounds) on that course.
  • Players will win the weekly bonus if they beat their average by more than any other player. So the lowest number from their average will win bonus money that week.
  • Suppose player A has an average of 62 and player B has an average of 54. If both players shoot a 57 than Player A would win the bonus because he has a -5 and player B has a +3.
  • Suppose the same situation with Player A (62Avg.) and Player B (54Avg.). If player A shoots a 60 (-2) and Player B shoots a 52 (-2) the players would split the money for that week.

League Finals Money Distribution

  • The top 4 finishers in regular season based on points will receive money based on their standing. 10% of the finals money will be dispersed to the top 4 finishers based on PDGA payouts. 1st- 41%, 2nd-26%, 3rd-19%, 4th-14%.
  • Brackets will be made after the final week of the regular season is complete.
  • Money will be distributed to all qualifying players with players who advance in bracket making more than those who don’t.
  • People who can’t make finals will make money based on if they were going to be there. i.e If someone had the one seed they would most likely have a bye and earn second round loss money. If someone was the last seed they would earn first round loss money.