The Ace Race is not a tournament, but a fun time for beginner and intermediate players to get great player packages for $30.

Not sure what is in the package yet, but it always includes 2 of the same prototype (newest design and unnamed) disc, along with lots of items. You play with your friends on a card. Throw once per hole, from only a few hundred feet at the most, on the Black Bear. The goal is to see who can get the most aces after 2 fast rounds. All you record on your card is whether you hit the metal of the post or get an ace.

The winner is whoever gets the most aces. In the case of a tie, it is determined by metal hits. 

The package is: 2 Prototype controlled Drivers, a teeshirt, a mini Buzz, a mini can topper,a sticker, and a reusable score card. This is valued at $65!