Sunday, August 12 Is our annual fundraising , doubles tournament to raise money for Muscular Disease Research in memory of my Dad.

Every year I am impressed with the money we raise, as a community, to help this cause. 

Sign in ends at 9:30,and 1st round starts by 10. Bring your own partner.

Divisions/Fees (Fees are per person)

Pro: Men,Women,Masters,Grand Masters  $31 ($25 to cash payouts)  AM 1: Men, Women, Masters, Grand Masters, Mixed                                                                                              $21 ($15 to cash payouts)  AM 2: Men, Women                                  $16 ($10 to cash payouts)   Recreational:                                            $16 ($10 to cash payouts)   Juniors (<13 yrs. old)                               $11  ($5 to gift certificates)

There will we an optional $5 Ace Pot and a $2 CTPs.

We do not accept credit cards for tournaments.