Ice Bowl February 23, 2019

This is our first fundraising event of the year. All green fees and CTP money goes to the local food pantry as well as everything that is put in the donation jar. Food pantries are able to purchase $7 to $15 worth of food, from the central clearing house, for every dollar donated!

Sign in ends at 9:30 am, and we start as soon as the score cards are ready.

Green fees are $6

Divisions and Payouts, which are cash prizes.

Pro Men, Women, Masters, Grand Masters: $25

Adv./AM1 Men, Women, Masters/ Grand Masters: $15

Amateur/AM 2: $10

Recreational: $10

Juniors $5 (gift cert.)

There are optional CTPs ,for $2,\, for every division, as well as an optional $5 Ace Pot

Lunch is for sale in the clubhouse.

Tournaments are cash only.