For those unfamiliar with this term, it is when the snow starts to melt and discs start randomly popping up out of the snow. It is a wonderful time of year as we reunite players with their lost discs.

Unfortunately, we presently have over 500 found discs on the shelves and it is becoming a problem.  I would like your help with this by:

At the bottom of this home page is a list of every disc we have. They are divided into the list  of    players I contacted about the discs (and possibly forgot they are here) and those I have never  been able to locate- either  the tel.# changed, not on facebook, I don't have an e mail for, or they have no name or a nickname. Please take some time and go through the lists and contact anyone you might know so that they can come get their discs!

1. You or a friend (If you let me know someone is picking up your disc) may come pick it up.

2. You can send me a self addressed and stamped mailer and I'll get it right back to you.

3. You can contact me and let me know you will be here later this summer and I will put them        aside.

If the discs are still here at the end of April, we will sell them, with all the money going to a yet to be determined charity, I don't like doing this, but it is necessary. I prefer if you will help me reunite  you and your discs. Many of them are brand new!