I have just finished updating the list of Lost and Found discs we have. It is close to 500 and we have no more room. We need as many of you, as possible, to please come collect them. We will be having a clearance sale on the remaining discs in either March or April to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease Research at Boston University's Hope Program. 

The list is found on the bottom of the Welcome page. They are listed by first name, initial, nickname, phone number, e-mail, or ?? if we have no info. Please take  a few minutes to scan the list and notify anyone you might recognize on the list. Many, we cannot contact as their phone numbers and/or emails have changed. 

Most of you have been wonderful about coming to collect them when we call/text/message/or email you, but we understand that lives are busy and it can slip your mind.

If you live away and call me I will add the date you plan on picking them up, as you can see on the list.

We prefer to return the discs to you, but many have been here for over a year.

Thank you for your help!